Company Overview Messeage from our President

Company Overview


■Company Name:
TAISHOBOSEKI Industries, Ltd.
■Head Office:
Kuroda 453, Hannan City, Osaka, JAPAN
Postcode : 599-0203
■Tokyo Office:
Tajimaya building 4F, Kitaaoyama 2-7-11,
Minato Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN
Postcode: 107-0061
■Establishment: August, 1918
■The capital: 200 million yen
■Employee: 125
■Stockholder: Kurabo Industries, Ltd.(100%)
(As of April, 2010)

Business Overview
Made-to-order manufacturing and sales of spinning thread fibers for textile uses.
TAISHOBO participates in production and planning of the cloth, and the determining of what kind of thread best suits the chosen end product. We also produce a wide range of linen threads and fibers for general sale in the marketplace.
TAISHOBO makes highly specialized thread fiber that meets the unique requirements of our customers. We make thread fiber used in a wide array of finished products including men's, women's and childrens clothing, denim, and towels. We also produce material that is ecologically sensitive using organic cotton and hemp.
A part of the factory site is leased to outside contractors for additional financial and management stability.

Company History
August, 1918  Taishoboseki Industries, Ltd. is established.
December, 1969  Kurabo Industries acquires all the shares of Taishoboseki.
April, 1990  Factory renovation − first stage
July, 1996  Expansion office lease space −first stage
March, 1998  Expansion office lease space −second stage
March, 1999  Build the new headquarter office
April, 2002  Factory renovation − second stage
December, 2004  Fully Operational Modernized
2008  Factory renovation − third stage
2010  Expansion office lease space −third stage

 Messeage from our President



TAISHOBOSEKI Industries, Ltd. President
Masaji YABU

Since globalization is spreading today, we are very particular about producing “Made in Japan” products. We commit ethical approach and aim to produce human-friendly and earth-friendly products. We also participate in product planning with our customers from upstream to downstream companies, and propose appropriate organic yarns to meet customers’ needs. We mission to secure global environment by spreading organic products and welcome to gather your dreams.


1. Traceability : We have committed to directly communicate with famers of cottons, wools, silks, and linens all over the world.
2. Sustainability : Stable supply
3. Environment : Preserve the earth environment

Corporate Identity

" Spin Your Dream"

Management Principle : As a spinning company, we will do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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